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for applications in Economics and Finance

Autori Cristina Pocci - Giulia Rotundo - Roeland De Kok
Argomenti Apogeo Education > Matematica e Statistica > Economia > Matematica > Discipline aziendali > Finanza
Editore Maggioli Editore
Formato Cartaceo
Dimensione 17x24
Pagine 176
Pubblicazione Aprile 2017 (I° Edizione)
ISBN 9788891623027
Collana Apogeo Education
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MATLAB is a powerful software for numerical computations and data analysis in the scientific environment. Its usage is constantly increasing 
in the world of Economics and Financial Analysis, 
due to the possibility to express problems 
and their solutions mathematically and graphically.
This book is recommended to the students of the faculty of Economics, but it may be useful also to graduate students working in contexts that need numerical solutions of problems. It offers a clear and easy introduction to MATLAB and to its main applications 
in the economic and financial environment.
The base elements of MATLAB are illustrated. Moreover, the book deals with the problem of finding the roots 
of an equation, the problem of portfolio optimization, Value at Risk, linear regression and curve fitting. 
Each subject is equipped with several examples 
and exercises with solution.


Cristina Pocci is Ph. D. in Mathematical Models and Methods for Technology 
and Society. She has been tutor 
and professor on contract of Calculus and Mathematics in various departments 
of Università degli Studi della Tuscia, Sapienza, Roma Tre and LUISS Guido Carli.
Giulia Rotundo is an Associate Professor for Mathematical Methods 
in Economics and Finance at the Department of Methods and Models 
for Economics, Environment, and Finance, Sapienza University of Rome.
Roeland De Kok is specialized 
in geoinformatics and computer vision 
at the University of Monaco (DE). 
He has got the PhD in the group of Dr Binning, Nobel prize winner for automatic data mining. He is currently external consultant in Germany and in Poland 
for the program for Earth observation Copernicus (EC-ESA).

Il volume è disponibile anche in italiano: Matlab per le applicazioni economiche e finanziarie